Advantages to Settling a Personal Injury Accident Claim

Advantages to Settling a Personal Injury Accident Claim

Advantages to Settling a Personal Injury Accident Claim

A lot of people learn what they know about the law from watching television. In movies and shows, we see the plaintiff walk into the courtroom, wearing a neck brace, prepared to do battle. The jury listens to witness upon witness before ruling in the plaintiff’s favor. The accident victim ends up walking away with millions of dollars in damages. Ask any Arizona personal injury lawyer and they’ll tell you that it doesn’t work like that in the real world.

Very few personal injury cases end up in front of a jury. Even fewer end up with a jury award of millions of dollars. In fact, more than 95% of all personal injury lawsuits settle long before trial. Nobody wants to go to trial. Trials are expensive and time consuming. You could end up hiring expert witnesses that costs thousands of dollars. It just doesn’t make sense. If you can settle for a fair amount, it makes sense to settle. However, some people are still confused about the settlement process. Here, well talk briefly about some of the benefits of settling. We’ll also mention a few of the reasons why it’s in your best interests to avoid a trial if at all possible.

Most Personal Injury Lawsuits Settle Long Before Trial

Arizona personal injury lawyers understand why most of their cases settle. When you choose to go to trial, you’re giving up control of your case. You’re asking a judge or jury to decide who is right and who is wrong. Even if you have what you feel is hard proof that the defendant caused your injuries, the jury may not see it that way. There’s also the chance that you could be found partially at fault. If this happens, your damages are going to be reduced by your percentage of fault. This is because Arizona follows the comparative negligence rule. If the court finds that you were 30% at fault, your $100,000 case will be reduced to just $70,000. There’s a good chance you could’ve settled for more than that.

Arizona personal injury lawyers settle most of their cases weeks or months before trial. If you wait for a trial date to open up, you could be waiting for months or even a year. Some cases take two or three years to finally get resolved. All this time, you’ll be waiting for money to pay your medical bills. If you’re out of work, you need the money from your lawsuit. If you settle, you can expect to a get a lump sum of money within a month or so. That’s often better than waiting for a year or two only to find out that you didn’t win.

You May Need to Consider a Compromise

When it comes to personal injury cases, very few plaintiffs ever get the amount demanded in their initial complaint. You have to remember that your lawsuit doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Your Arizona personal injury lawyer may have a ton of evidence to prove the defendant was negligent. However, the defendant’s lawyer isn’t going to sit back and say nothing. They’re going to introduce evidence showing that their client wasn’t at fault. The truth lies somewhere in the middle. Knowing this, your Arizona personal injury lawyer will encourage you to consider a compromise. After all, it’s better to get something than nothing. If you take your chances in court, you may lose. If this happens, you get nothing.

It Can Be a Lot Faster to Settle Instead of Going to Court

The other benefit to settling is that it takes a lot less time than going to trial. If your case goes to trial, you may not see a dime for months or years. Even if you win your case, you’ll still have to collect your judgment. If the defendant has nothing or the insurance company goes out of business, you may never see a dime. And if you do, it could be years down the road. Rather than risk this happening, it may be a good idea to settle.

Talk to a Seasoned Arizona Personal Injury Lawyer Sooner Rather than Later

If your loved one is hurt in any sort of accident, call our office right away. You can set up your free consultation with one of our skilled Arizona personal injury lawyers. Sit down with someone who’s handled plenty of cases just like yours. The initial consultation is free, and you don’t pay anything until your case is settled.

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