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Arizona Law on Parking Lot Accidents

Arizona Law on Parking Lot Accidents

Ask your friends, family, and colleagues throughout Arizona about fault for parking lot accidents and you will find the responses are surprisingly inconsistent. To say there is an abundance of misinformation about fault for Arizona parking lot collisions would be an understatement. Below, we separate fact from fiction, revealing the truth about fault in Arizona parking lot accidents.

Who is at Fault?

Plenty of people have heard that all parking lot accidents are no-fault accidents as it is often difficult to prove one party was at fault for accidents in such spaces. Arizona drivers should be aware that drivers moving through the through “lanes” of the lot, meaning the lanes for the movement of traffic within the general area where parking occurs, have the right of way. If a driver emerges from the parking spot and hits another vehicle that moves into the lane, the driver who pulled out is likely to be considered to be the party at fault for the accident.

Arizona drivers should also know that drivers exiting parking spaces are required to yield to oncoming traffic. An individual driving his or her vehicle who collides with a car that is legally parked will be considered at fault for the crash. However, if the car is not parked legally, the driver of the other vehicle is likely to be considered to be at fault.

Traffic Signs Also Shape Fault in Parking Lot Accidents

Arizona drivers should be hyper-aware when traversing parking lots as the failure to obey traffic signs will trigger fault. Fail to stop at a parking lot’s stop sign or fail to yield at the yield sign and you will be considered to be at fault for the accident.

The saving grace of parking lot accidents is the fact that these collisions tend to be quite minor. Minor accidents are unlikely to lead to costly damage and/or significant injuries.

However, if you are injured in such an accident and believe another party is even partially at fault for the collision, you should not hesitate to reach out to our Arizona personal injury attorneys for legal assistance.

What About Shared Fault for Parking Lot Accidents?

Use your mind’s eye to envision a parking lot accident in which two vehicles are backing out of parking spots directly across from one another. The vehicles collide with each another as both back out of their respective parking spots. In such an instance, fault is likely to be shared between the drivers as both carelessly backed out of their respective positions into one another.
Furthermore, if two vehicles collide when pulling into the same spot, fault might be considered mutual. The logic in fault being mutual is it would prove nearly impossible to prove one driver was negligent when both were attempting to secure the same spot at the same time.

Additional Factors That Determine Fault for Parking Lot Accidents

Some parking lot accidents are the fault of the property owner as opposed to a driver. If the lot’s condition such as its driving surface, lighting, or other components contributed to the accident in any way, that property owner can be held legally liable. Even dangerous conditions and insufficient security that contributed to the crash can shift liability to the property owner. If you end up in a parking lot accident in Arizona, reach out to our personal injury law firm. We will help you determine if your case has merit and spearhead your quest for financial compensation.

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