do i have a slip and fall case

Do I Have a Slip and Fall Case in Arizona?

Do I have a Slip and Fall Case in Arizona?

When you go grocery shopping, the last thing you should have to worry about is falling and getting hurt. Believe it or not, this is more common than you may think. According to the National Safety Council, more than 34,000 were killed in a fall in 2016. In fact, it’s the third leading cause of unintentional death in this country. Thankfully, the odds of your dying in your slip and fall is low. But that doesn’t mean you won’t suffer serious injuries. That’s why it’s important that you retain an experienced Arizona personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after your fall. They’ll let you know what options you have and will help you collect compensation for your injuries.

Your Arizona Personal Injury Lawyer Needs to Show Negligence

In order to collect damages, your Arizona personal injury lawyer is going to need to prove negligence. This is the same in any sort of personal injury lawsuit. In a slip and fall case, this will involve the following:

  • You need to show that the defendant owed you a duty of care – With this sort of case, your lawyer will have to show that the store owner or building manager had a duty to keep you safe. This won’t be difficult. All commercial property owners have a duty to keep their premises clean and safe.
  • You also have to show that they breached this duty – This is often the hardest thing to prove in any slip and fall case. Your Arizona personal injury lawyer is going to have to demonstrate that the defendant didn’t live up to their obligations. Perhaps they didn’t put up “wet floor” signs after a snowstorm. Or maybe a customer spilled something, and the employees never cleaned it up.
  • You were injured – This will be discussed in detail later on. However, your lawyer is going to have to submit evidence that you were hurt. This is usually accomplished by submitting pictures and copies of your medical records.
  • Your injuries were caused by the defendant’s breach – Unless something else happened on the way to the hospital, it shouldn’t be hard to prove this element. The defendant’s lawyer may claim that you had an existing medical condition that wasn’t caused by the fall. But this will be an uphill battle for them.

You Also Have to Prove Damages

It’s not enough to prove that you feel on someone else’s property. In order to get compensation, you also need to show that you suffered damages. Usually, this requires that your Arizona personal injury lawyer prove that you were physically injured. It’s not like a car accident where you can demand compensation for damage done to your car. This is why it’s so important that you see a doctor immediately after your slip and fall. You’re going to need to submit medical records proving that you were hurt. Your lawyer may also need to put your doctor on the stand to testify about any future care you may need.

If you can prove that you were hurt, your Arizona personal injury lawyer will demand some or all of the following:

  • Medical bills and future medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Lost future income
  • Pain and suffering

All of these must be listed in detail in your initial complaint. That’s why you want to see your Arizona personal injury lawyer sooner rather than later. They’re going to need time to put your case together. And they need to do this in time to meet the Arizona statute of limitations deadline.

Call and Talk to a Skilled Arizona Personal Injury Lawyer Right Away

If you fall and get hurt, you’re going to need the help of an experienced personal Arizona personal injury lawyer. It can be difficult to even know who you need to pursue for damages. Your attorney can help you do that. You also want to be able to focus on recovering from your injuries. You can’t really do that if you’re on the phone arguing with insurance companies.

Call today and talk to one of our skilled Arizona personal injury lawyers. Take the time to sit down with someone who has handled cases like yours in the past. The good news is that your initial consultation costs you nothing. This means you have nothing to lose. You can bet the defendant is going to have a team of lawyers working for them and you should too.

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